Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pattern Making Material

I have had this pattern for some time now, and when my sister in law asked for a purse divider insert, I knew I could use this pattern to make her one.  If you are interested in making one, here is the link to Studio Kat Designs for the Encore Purse Insert.

But the main reason for my post is to explain how I make my pattern pieces from paper patterns provided with these type of designs.

See the white roll of material standing in my corner?  It is what I use for making my patterns.  The product is called "Do-Sew" by Stretch and Sew Pattern Company.  You can still get this product from Nancy's Notions here, with the following as it's definition.  This 100% spunbonded polyester serves as both your tracing paper and your muslin. Because it is see-through and sewable, you can trace your pattern on it and sew it together to test for proper fit. and is 36" wide.

I bought a 100 yard roll about 20 years ago, when I was making lots of items from the Stretch and Sew patterns.  I'm glad I still have it, because it is perfect for tracing patterns like the pieces in this design.

There were seventeen pattern pieces in this design, and I didn't want to cut out the paper patterns included.  I like how this product is see through and can be easily pinned onto the fabric.

I know it is kinda hard to see in the picture above, but here is a close up of one piece, showing you what the material is really like.  If I had to tell you something close to this type material, think of sew-in interfacing, only thinner.

I plan on using it in place of muslin, when I do some clothing sewing later this summer.  Stay tuned...


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