Monday, June 30, 2014

Spotty Hen

I picked up this complete kit (including the batting and the backing! RARE) last summer.  I wanted to  get it for a couple of reasons.  One, I have chickens and this is most fitting, and two, it is a wool felt project, and three (I know that's more than a couple) it is small, and should be quick to accomplish.  The finished size is 13" X 15".

The pattern is by Rachel"s of Greenfield.  She has oodles of awesome projects like this one on her site.  She has a real knack of making cute things into small wall hangings and ornaments.

I worked on getting the background frame sewn together and then I cut out all the pieces, laid them out on the background, and it's ready for some hand stitching (blanket stitch).  I did machine stitched down the cream colored wool felt, because the pieces were big enough to work using the machine blanket stitch, but the other pieces are a bit too small to do on the machine, so I will do them by hand.  I am planning on working on the stitching over the next two months, as we have some trade shows all across the state and will be spending considerable amount of time in a vehicle.