Friday, June 27, 2014

UFO #4 Complete

I have completed UFO #4 as of this evening.  Below is the best pictures I could get for the evening.  This first is almost the whole wall hanging in one picture.  Below that are the close ups of the different type of quilting I did on this project.  I combined both straight line quilting and some free motion quilting.

This shows some straight line quilting I did in the two inner borders, and then some free motion meandering quilting on the outer border.

In the white space around the trees, I used a loop d' loop meandering.  and if you look real close, I did some free hand stars in the blue above the snowmen.

This picture shows the inner shadowing quilting I did on the trees.

I did some intense straight line quilting (every 1/4") around the stars.  The the center star section, I quilted from side to side, and the two outside star sections, I quilted top to bottom.  Gave it some visual context.

I am delighted to have another UFO project completed, quilted and binding.  I am planning to get some more finished tops quilted this summer.  It is a goal,  something I will work hard on.  


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