Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Time Spent Gardening than Sewing

It is early summer and time for harvesting crops that are ripening this time of year.  I already posted about the strawberries a couple of weeks ago, since then I have been harvesting the following:

First off, the cherries were ready and I was picking them the latter part of last week.  This bucket was filled twice, about 5 gallons of bing cherries.  We have a 100 year old cherry tree that is grafted with three types of cherries, bing, Queen Ann, and Ranier.  The bings were the only ones ready last week, and the others are coming ripe this week.  I pitted the five gallons and put them in the dehydrator and got an end result of 2 quarts dried.

This is one of two containers of peas that were harvested the next day.  They got shelled and the pods fed to the chickens, and the peas were blanched and put in the freezer.  This year we harvested about 4 1/2 quarts of frozen peas.  Should be enough to last well into the winter, to about the time to plant again next February.

This is the spring harvest of carrots.  Not as much result as was planted.  I tried a new seed company, and not sure if it is the type of carrot, or just the conditions this year.  I will be going back to my favorite type of seed next year.  I have already planted the fall harvest of carrots, so I am hoping I will get better results.  

And, as of yesterday, the blueberries are coming on strong.  I ended up picking about a quarter of this bucket, blanching them and putting them into the dehydrator.  Fortunately the blueberries do not ripen all at once.  They will need to be picked about every 4 to 5 days for the next three to four weeks.  Last year, we picked about 5 gallons all together.  Some were given away, some were frozen, some were dried, and the rest were eaten fresh and baked into muffins, pies, and bread.

Also, not pictured, were lettuce, radishes, cauliflower, and cabbage that have been harvested and already dated and so enjoyed this year.  I get so busy harvesting and prepping the food, that I forget to take pictures.  Gardening along with sewing is great satisfaction to me and provides a wonderful end result.


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