Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fabric Hoarder

Are you one of these:

When I look around online at different quilter sites, I see glimpses of their fabric stashes.  This is especially true when they go about reorganizing their work spaces or entire sewing rooms.  After all it is spring time, and we all get the "Spring Cleaning Bug" and I especially have this bug this year when it comes to my sewing room (and other places I have fabric and accessories stored.

Here is a glimpse into my fabric hoarding stashing:

This set of cubbies are all along a 14' wall in my sewing room.  And, yes, each of those cubby boxes, white and pink, are full of fabric.  There is even more to the left, it just didn't fit into the whole picture.  The small cubby to the far left is just wool though, and not quilting fabric.  Just sayin'.

This is a peek at the bins in my closet behind the recliner.  The recliner is for my husband, as he comes in every night and sits with me as I sew.  Priceless.

This is my wicker shelf tower, that I got last summer, and it is full of ongoing projects and some of my most favorite fabrics.  the pieces hanging on the left of the tower is all the blocks to the project I have posted about for A Civil War Tribute.  I need to get all the blocks made into the quilt top.  It is on my to do list.  Sigh.

This area is a mess, and has a pile of "bag lining" fabric, that hasn't found a home yet on the shelves.  It is waiting for a vacancy in the the cubby wall.  It is a long waiting list.

Finally, this is out in my garage along one wall.  My husband so kindly built me shelves that were specifically sized to hold plastic tubs.  Just sayin' again, the top shelf is all my wool.  And to the far right (out of the picture) is all my yarn.  This walls alone tells anyone that I have too may skills hobbies.  

So little time!


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