Monday, June 16, 2014

Purse Divider

Remember the post about material I use for pattern making, and how I was doing it to make a purse divider?  Well, I have been working on this purse divider for the last three days.  This thing has 4 zippers, and 18 pockets and stash places.  It is made in sections, and then sewn wrong sides together with bias to cover the exposed seams.  I made my own bias tape, matching it to the lining I chose to use.  All in all, it was a well written pattern, just had to make sure I read each step several times before actually doing the sewing.  I made this one at the request from my wonderful sister-in-law, and would I make one again?  Probably not.  It is a tedious project, and I don't carry a purse any more.  I use this tucked inside my bra.  


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