Wednesday, August 13, 2014

John Q Quilt Begins

Today, after doing some house cleaning (I am meeting my in-laws for the first time this weekend), I was able to finish cutting out the beginning squares for the John Q quilt.  I have enough different sized squares to start a layout of a random design.  Once the customer sees and likes the layout, I will cut some more squares, if needed, to make it the proper size.

The customer's original thought was to have mostly solid squares, with a few prints thrown in here and there in the layout.   I will have to wait until the first part of next week to do the layout (I am thinking of laying it out on a white bed sheet) as I need a block of time to get all of the blocks in place and then communicate with the customer.


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Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hello, so you are making a quilt for a customer? How wonderful! I am sure they will love it because your work is always so beautiful. Meeting in laws for the first time? Have you not ever met them before? I remember meeting my husband's family for the first time and how anxious I was feeling! That was so many years ago!