Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Primrose Prairie UFO BOM Update

In the pauses of custom orders (waiting on clients, ordering materials for projects, etc), I have had some time to work on my latest UFO BOM.  Remember the one that I started a few weeks back?  Primrose Prairie?  Yep, this really big one?

Well, I am now finished with the nine center appliquéd blocks and here is pictures of the last four I did this week:

If you want to see the posts about the other blocks completed, scroll down to the bottom of this blog, and there will be a list of labels.  Just click on the "Primrose Prairie" label and it will bring up all the posts related to this project.  

Remember, each block measures 20", so they are much larger than the standard 12' blocks most quilts I done in the past.  With that said, the nine appliquéd blocks will almost cover the top of a queen sized bed, and then add the sashing, corner posts, and the large appliquéd borders, it will be an oversized King size quilt.

The next step is to do the corner post appliqués and the pieced scrappy sashing that will be sewn between the large blocks.  So,  I got busy and cut them out.  All 1200 of them!!! And, then this afternoon, I appliquéd all the center posts, sixteen 5" blocks with a double circles.

So, now I will have to work on the pieced sashing.  A small project that will get the name of "forever scrappy piecing project".  There are over 1100 pieces that have to be sewn together in a randomness to make it look scrappy.  Yes a forever project!  Yikes!!