Thursday, August 7, 2014

Next Custom Order Project - John's Quilt

While out of town for the last three weeks, I received a new custom quilt order.  I am going to nickname this quilt "John Q".  While in New Mexico, I was able to go fabric shopping with the individual and pick out the fabric of the quilt.  This quilt is going to be laid out sorta like (with some modifications)  the quilt pattern below by  Lucy's Quilts.  If you are interested in getting this pattern, follow the link and then in the comment section ask her to send you her pattern, "Stained Glass Denim Quilt".

 Here is the color swatch page.  Each swatch has a corresponding number, so when we are discussing the layout and pattern of the quilt long distance, we will know what fabric we are talking about which will hopefully eliminate any confusion.

So before I can begin to work on this quilt, I am choosing to for the first time in my quilting making, washing the fabric first before cutting it out and stitching it together.  I am choosing to do this, because the colors are very dark (something I don't usually use unless they are wall hangings, and they don't get washed anyway).  I am afraid that the darker colors will run or bleed onto the lighter colors, so I am washing the darks in one load and the lights in another load.

This picture shows how I prepared the vast amour of yardage of fabric for the washer.  I am fortunate to have a front loader washer, so the fabric won't get wound around the center agitator of top loading machines.  But, I still wanted the fabric to stay as flat and together as possible, so I laid each piece out, selvage to selvage and folded it into fourths, and then pinned it together at approximately 12' intervals.  This will keep the fabric from becoming a crumpled mess and will much easier to iron when it is all done being laundered.  

Next step will be cutting out all the different sized squares for the quilt top.  Stay tuned...



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the fabrics you picked especially the strip!

Nancy Archibald said...

Using the smaller pieces is exciting! How versatile and creative! Thank you for sharing! Please send me your pattern. It's lovely indeed!!

Nancy Archibald said...

Oh yes,

Thanks again ;-)

Unknown said...

I love this pattern - Stained Glass Denim Quilt. I would love to try to make it as a memorial quilt for a friend of mine; may I please have the pattern?

Thank you!