Saturday, August 30, 2014

Project Updates

I had started a BOM back in 2006.  2006, that's almost 8 years ago!  Oh my!!!  Moving on,  I dug it out when I had gotten out the UFO BOM Prairie Primrose.  They are both from Homestead Hearth, as you can see from the print out I have from their website back in 2006.  This UFO BOM is called Chocolat Legacy using Moda's Chocolat line of fabric.

It works like a round a round type of quilt, where you make center blocks and add a round of different blocks and then another round of different blocks until you achieve the size of the quilt.  Below is a picture depiction of the finished quilt.

Back in 2006, when the BOM started, I did manage to get the center blocks done.  There are four blocks that are sewn together to be the focal point of the quilt.

When I dug this one out, I found that somehow I misplaced month three, so I had to go on an internet on a hunt for some of the fabric line, Moda Chocolat.  I ended up using a Fat Quarter 6 piece collection from Moda Double Chocolat and some pieces out of three charm packs in the Moda Chocolat line.  Month 2 was completed, which consists of 6 of the twelve blocks that are the second round of the quilt.  Month 3 is the remainder 6 blocks of the twelve.  Here are 8 of these blocks completed, as I am working on the remainder of theses in between all the projects I have on my schedule.

Speaking of what is on my schedule, here is John Q quilt top almost completed.  After talking with the client, I am needing to add three more sections, on each side and at the bottom, to make it the size they want it to be for their bed.  I did get the sections laid out, and one has been sewn, but I need to finish the other two sections, and get them sewn onto the main piece.  I am hoping to be quilting it this coming week.

I also have a commissioned baby quilt to make for a repeat customer, some college themed pot holders for an Etsy customer, and three zippered pouches for another customer.  Whew, I am so thankful for this work that has come my way.  I am grateful that I can stay at home and work at what I so enjoy.  God is good.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

It seemed like that fabric just came out. Wow.....I can't keep up with the hands of time just spinning faster and faster. Love the fabric and it's already started....:)

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Such beautiful pieces of work! It is wonderful that you can stay at home and work with your craft! God is certainly good!