Monday, May 29, 2017

Before and After Wicker Loveseat

I have had this wicker love seat for about 10 years.  I originally bought it to do some staging in a house we were selling in Portland.  It moved with us to Salem, and has taken a beating sitting out on my back porch.

I will note that the weather is not all the fault of the demise of this love seat, the cats seemed to like using it as a scratch posts as well.

But it is still very sturdy, and I like how it fits in the place on the porch, so I pondered it awhile, and decided to do a little DIYing.

I bought some Sumbrella fabric and foam (on a side note, I cannot believe how much dense foam costs these days.  About $1.44 an inch.  So the new foam seat cost about $52.00!!!)  at Joann's store.  

I came home that night and began working on making the new seat cushion and three pillows.

I didn't take any other pictures during the process of getting it done. But it has a new coating of spray paint, new beach side print pillows, and a new seat.  

In all her glory, sitting in the evening sun, ready for another 10 years.  Fingers crossed!!!