Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2016 Finished Quilts - Lakeland Pines - #16

This is another quilt from a BOM club with Thimbleberries.  This was done in 2005 Club year.  This year was one of those years that they did two colorway for two complete design quilts.  You could sign un for either quilt program.  This program was called Lodge & Lakeside.  I only did the Lakeside program, as it was the lighter spring / summer colors.  The Lodge program was the fall / winter colors.

The program also included quarterly kits (at an additional cost of course!), and silly me, I ordered each quarter.  This quilt, Lakeland Pines, was the first quarter project.  The blocks used in this quilt are incorporated also in the big BOM project.  My guess would be that if you make the BOM and all the quarterly projects, you could do some nice decorating with all five of them.  I wish I had a cabin that I could put these in, when I get them all completed.  

I am not a fan of square quilts, and this is a 60" square one.

This is a close up of the tree and star block, that will be incorporated into the big BOM quilt.

Up close picture of the center of the quilt, showing the pine trees in a pinwheel setting.  If you are a fan of Thimbleberries or the designer, Lynette Jensen, then you know that she is designs lots of quilts with trees, particularly pine trees.

The border fabric is one of my favorites, as it is a nice summer floral.

What was nice about this quarterly kits, is that they offered backing at the time of purchase (at an additional cost, of course), so silly me, I ordered the backing too!  But, now that I am finally getting around to getting these done, I am glad I have the backing.  It just makes it easier to get the quilt done.

Remember this club is from 2008.  That's 8 years ago!   My likes must have been so different than they are now, because this is not going to be one of my favorites.  If my hubby and I every go camping, it will get thrown in the camper as a quilt to keep warm.  Maybe if I get all five of them done, this might fit in better as more of a decor piece.  Or if we win the lottery, I can get a cabin to put  these in for a nice decoration and beds.  PS to self, remember to buy a ticket.


Size: 60" X 60"
Fabric Lines Used:  Thimbleberries 
Pattern: Thimbleberries Club Lodge & Lakeside First Quarter Project
Designer:  Lynette Jenson
Long Arm Quilter:  Carol Logan Nelson
Year Began: 01/2008
Year Completed: 09/2016

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