Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2017 Finished Quilts - Civil War Scrappy Nine Patch - #27

Again, I am skipping around, I am all done posting the 2016 finishes, and I am onto 2017 finishes.  I am keeping the number system, so I can keep track of the number of quilts I have done.  I have done more than this(just a few is all), but I have just begun recording them beginning with my 2016 New Year's resolution.

I got back four quilts from my long arm quilter the beginning of May of this year.  I have already posted about one of them, as it was a gift that needed to be mailed right away.

This quilt was also a BOM, but this one from Homestead Hearth. The pattern is from the book, Primitive Gatherings, by That Patchwork Place (which had to be bought to do the quilt), and simply called "From the Nineteenth Century Quilt".  Basically it is just a scrappy nine patch.  I posted about finishing the top here.   I organized the blocks so it would be longer and less wider.  I was going to try to make it bigger, but I waited too long to finish this quilt, and I couldn't locate more of the background fabric.  It is a tea stained and spotted muslin by Windham Fabrics.  Instead of taking it apart to make it the correct size, I left it alone and it turned out fine.

When I posted the last 10 quilts on my FB feed, this quilt was most favorite quilt from my friends.  I think people relate more to classic quilts, or old fashioned quilts, rather than the new designs.  I know that I like them the best.  

Close up of the scrappy civil war reproductions used in this quilt.

It has a plain white muslin backing and a tan binding.  I am hoping to tea dye the backing, so it will match the front better.  


Size: 45" X 85"
Fabric Lines Used:  Windham Muslin and various civil war reproduction fabrics
Pattern: 9 patch
Designer:  Primitive Gatherings
Long Arm Quilter:  Carol Logan Nelson
Year Began: 2008
Year Completed: 04/2017

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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh that's one of my favourites of yours- beautiful fabrics xx