Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chicks & Prep Work

These are my chickens, they are about two years old. They are considered "exotic" type chickens. They lay all different colored eggs, green, pink, brown and blue. Some refer to them as easter eggs. They aren't laying right now, as there is not enough daylight, especially up here in the Northwest.

I feed them some green grass (the grass is green year round), they go a little crazy this time of the year for anything thats fresh and green!

I spent most of the day cutting out the rest of the Farmer's Wife blocks for the quilt-a-long, for the other color way in civil war retros, and I cut out blocks for a quilt club I attend at my local quilt shop. I like to spend a chunk of time cutting out a lot of projects or blocks, then I can sew even if it is only foor 15 minutes or so.

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