Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mystery Quilt

The monthly quilt club that I participate in at my local quilt shop also has a mystery quilt that we can do if we chose. I have done only one in the past, so I decided to do one this year. Three months into the year of the sampler quilt, they start a mystery quilt that lasts for six months.

This is the first month's part - 48 pieces.

This is the second month's part - 96 pieces of the piece on the right and 48 pieces of the piece on the left.
The piece on the right has three parts, and the piece in the left has five pieces.

For this mystery quilt, I chose Christmas fabric, partly because it was on sale, and partly because I have never mad a Christmas quilt and thought it was about time I did!

I will keep you posted on progress and reveal the final result.

PS - to my first followers, I have a giveaway planned for you next week. Nothing fancy, but just a show of appreciation of following my blog!

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