Saturday, February 18, 2012


We got to these shops before 1:00 pm today. DH wanted to get all the rest of the shops done today, so we were a little rushed because the shops only stayed open until 5:30 pm each day of the quilt run.

These are the last shops and they completed our run. You know, shop owners are some of the nicest people. We cut it really close, too close, with the last two shops. The second to the last shop owner said for us to go to the last shop, and she would wait for us to come back! Now is that sweet or what?

Purchases - way too much.
Traveled - over 500 miles.
Having fun and doing what I love - PRICELESS!!!!!!!

PS - sorry for the poorer than usual pics, but it was heavy overcast and raining. DH held an umbrella over me while I took the pics.

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