Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Farmer's Wife Reproduction Print Colorway

I have been furiously working on my Farmer's Wife blocks the last two days. Puppy sitting is more than I remember when my dogs were pups! The weather has been cold, raining (with some snowflakes), and windy, so it has been an excellent time to hunker down inside and sew and of course keep an eye on the pup!

This is the other colorway, Civil War prints, that I am doing. I am a slow piecer when stitching. I don't chain piece, or use any fast tips in my sewing. I feel my quilting is a process rather than a marathon or a competation. I probably use more thread, because I only stitch two pieces together, then press before I do the next pieces. I have always wanted to enjoy each step, which emerses me in a very comfortable state. A happy slow paced state!

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