Thursday, November 22, 2012

Commissioned Project

I was contacted through my Etsy a couple of week's ago by an individual wanting to know if I make a Two Zip Hipster in Mossy Oak camo and John Deere pink print fabric. She has a diaper bag with the two prints, and wanted a matching purse. After some back and forth, ironing out the details, I agreed to make one for her.

This first picture is the fabric. I had to order the pink fabric from Ebay, because none of my local fabric shops had it available. I'm not sure how long ago it came out, but I think it is now out of print. The print came in Friday's mail, but I had to put it aside, as I worked the tables at my husband's gun show both days this weekend, and yesterday was a work day.

So, I got busy today and cut it out and made it! Glad I was able to get pics of the finished bag, before sending it to the new owner.

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