Friday, November 9, 2012

New Linen Mini Hipster

I have been busy working on my Farmer's Wife blocks for October. I am waiting to post about them when I have them all done, at least in each colorway. In the meantime I did get a new item done for my Etsy shop. This is the mini hipster that I did before in the college theme fabric.
Unlike the college team hipsters, I did not use a cordinating fabric for the main body of the hipster.  I wanted it to be all linen for the main body, with a feminine print lining.  The linen is from IKEA, and is lined with a Moda line "Sweet" by Urban Chiks.

I made a mini key fob out of the lining fabric for a nice set for sale in my Etsy Shop.

This is the back side pic showing an open lined pocket.

Another view of the back pocket showing off the lining.

See the little bird attached to the zipper?  It is my signature "Wren Bird" for all my bags and key fobs. 

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