Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marketing Wren's Nest

I have been ubber busy making some more items for the Etsy shop (I won't bore you with them, but you can click on my Etsy store at the right, and you can see for yourself what is new).

I have also been working on my Farmer's Wife blocks, but I won't share those until I have at least one colorway done. Should be in a couple of days, I can post the Civil War colorway.

But, I have been reading the Etsy forum, and other blogs about branding yourself and marketing your products. I tried various forms of pricing my items, and just didn't land on one that I really liked. Then over the past couple of months, I have gathered a couple of tools and today I worked on my new price tags. For smaller items, I punch out of scrapbooking sheets tags so I can get the color I want - Pink! Then punch a hole in the top and punched the lace border on the other end. Next I stamped it with my Wren bird, done in pink ink, and finally I will tie a pink string through the hole that will allow me to attach it my items.

For my bigger items, I purchased good 'ole white tags, punched the lace border at the bottom, stamped it with Wren's Nest and my Wren bird, and finally I will tie a pink string through the hole.

It seems like a lot of work for just a price tag, but I am sure there is none like it, and it tells customers a little of who I am. I really like the lace border on the tags, and I know this is way different than any price tag I have ever seen. To top it off, it only took me an hour to make 25 large white tags and 78 small pink tags. Granted I haven't tied on the strings yet, but all in all, I like the outcome, and will use it as part of my brand!

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Joyce Lewis said...

I think that the tags are cute! What a great idea for a brand.