Friday, July 31, 2015

Blogland Friends

I have a blog with a small following.  My biggest intention of writing this blog for for me personally to try to track and write about the things I enjoy doing.  I have three boys, that for the most part, could care less about what I do in gardening and crafting, so I wanted to do this just for myself.  Well, then my mother wanted to read the blog to follow what I am doing as she lives four states away, but she is now too ill and weak to read my blog, so I am back to just doing it for myself.  My stats tell me that I have to have at least a few readers out there, which is quite flattering.

Then during a link up sometime last year, I became friendly with another blogger who is clear across the ocean, all the way to England.  We have been communicating with each other and our posts for some time now, and during a post about the Cheddar Bow Ties, (and me needing 700 different prints) this blogland friend offered to send me some scraps.  I was beyond excited!  I have read different bloggers who have blog friends who exchange fabrics and gifts on a regular basis, but I would have never believe that I would have a blog friend.  I love technology just for this reason.  It brought two like minded people together to share the leftovers from projects with each other, and build a casual friendship that would otherwise never happen.  Most quilters I know are kind, generous, and sharing people and this blog friend is all of these in the package she posted ( I know it costs a lot to ship overseas) and sent to me.

Here is a small glimpse of what she sent in the package.  All of which will work perfectly in the scrappy Cheddar Bow Tie quilt I will be working on for the next ten few years.

This is the specific blocks after I got most of them cut out.  A great addition to the amount I am needing to accomplish the blocks.  Hopefully I can keep getting scraps so that I don't have any duplicates in the quilt.

She also added this darling tea towel with Union Jack flags in an assortment of colors.  Isn't it cute?  I had commented on her blog about not having so called tea towels here in America (at least not that I have come across in my shopping), much less ones that have such cute prints on them, so she included one in the package she sent.  Very Sweet of her, don't you think?

Not sure if I have the courage to cut this one up and make into pouches (you can read about them here) like she did with her tea towels, so I will have to think on something special to do with it in the future.



Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

What a lovely post! I have always found bloggers to be very generous to me, so I was delighted to be able to Pay It Forward! I look forward to seeing more of your cheddar blocks and seeing if I recognise the fabrics!

Budsmam said...

What a lovely post crafty friends are the best

Budsmam said...

What a lovely post crafty friends are the best

kathy said...

You received a package from Benta! Surely one of the most generous people I know. She's a bloggy friend to me too.
She is finishing a light house quilt for her step-dad - Cape Flattery, here in Washington State. I'm trying to entice her to visit.