Monday, July 6, 2015

Leaders and Enders for 2015

Every July, Bonnie Hunter of (whom you should all know by now, I am following quite closely), has a new leader and ender project.  You can read all about leader and enders here to give you a better understanding what all the hoopla is about her system.

The cheddar bow ties were a past leader ender project from a couple of years ago, and last years was one called Lozenges.  Not sure I liked it well enough to make a quilt, but if I get more 3.5" strips of scrap fabric, I might consider it for a future project.

The leader and ender project this year for 2015 is called "Tumbler".  The tumbler pattern has been around for many many years.  Google it and you will find many vintage, modern, brights, and scrappy ones.  To find out more about this 2015 Tumbler project you can read about it here

Bonnie Hunter is using a dresden plate ruler to cut out her 2.5" sized tumblers.  Since I already have one, just not here, and not wanting to buy another one, I decided to make one out of template plastic material for a 5" size tumbler.  I give credit on making this size to this blog.

I picked up a charm pack of scrappy 30's maybe 40's prints from the same quilt shop I picked up the 6" scraps the other day.  I want to do this project is reproduction 30's prints.  Not sure I will use these exact ones in my project, as they are a bit loud for my taste, but I wanted to spend some time cutting them out with the template.  May need to make a table runner with this set, as I have a whole tub of the 30's reproduction prints at home.


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I've got the sizzix tumbler block, I'm off to check Bonnies site to see her plan!