Thursday, June 8, 2017

2016 Finished Quilts - Northwoods 4-Patch #14

Back in 2006, we lived in Portland, OR.  At that time, Connecting Threads was open to the public.  Vancouver, Washington is their headquarters and store at the time.  If you live in Portland, all you have to do is cross the Columbia River to Vancouver and then about 5 miles east to their store.  At that time, one could buy pre-cuts, kits, gifts, accessories, thread, and tools.  I was able to go a couple of times before they closed the retail part.  I couldn't find out when the retail closed, but it was only a couple of months after my last visit there.

This quilt, Northwoods 4-Patch, pattern at the bottom of the page.  It was free, and used to be on their website, but since there are so many new ones, I am posting it for anyone who would like to have it.

This is a nice over-sized throw, not quite the size for a twin bed.  The kit had enough to to the top, the back, and a scrappy binding.  It is done in Northcott yummy flannels, and is so soft and comfortable.  The colors are from the warm side of the color chart with brick reds, evergreen green, several shades of browns and tans, and a light background.

When it was finally done, I gave it to my husband for his recliner chair.  It fits him just perfect when he takes a nap and needs a little something to take the chill off.

Like I said, the kit had enough, that I was able to put together a so-called patterned backing.

This shows the whole pattern laid out.  You can see the scrappy binding too, in this picture.

Up close of the front and back with the scrappy binding.

Full-sized view of the backing of the scraps that I had left over from the patterned front.  Not the greatest, but it works for me.

Here is the free pattern.

Size: 47" X 65"
Fabric Lines Used:  Northwood Flannel by Northcott
Pattern: Kit from Connecting Threads
Designer:  Northcott
Long Arm Quilter:  Carol Logan Nelson
Year Began: 2006
Year Completed: 09/2016

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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Poor husband having to wait ten years to be warm!!! Love the colours! And the back is great too!!!!