Thursday, September 5, 2013

Duck Decoy Bags

Sometimes, because I know how to sew other things besides quilts, I get some very odd requests. Requests for things that can't be found ready made and in a store or online anywhere.  My brother and my nephew are addicted to enjoy duck hunting.  They are so intense in this duck hunting Thing, that they made their own mechanical duck decoys.  But, these "precious" mechanical decoys cannot be carried with the other plastic decoys, at least according to my brother.  He asked if I could make three separate bags for the three mechinical decoys.

I made the three bags 16" X 18" with a drawstring and a cord stopper to hold it closed.  The fabric is Denier Cordura which is a heavy ripstop, making it water proof and very durable.  And, of course, it had to be in a camo print, it's for hunting after all!

Here is a close up of the bag top.

Here is the bag drawn up.

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