Sunday, September 8, 2013

Union Jack Block Sort Of....

Okay, here's the scoop.  As you know, I have an Etsy shop, and I receive lots of requests for custom orders in the bags I have listed.  This time is very unique, as I was contacted by a new customer wanting a Two Zip Hipster that reflects her Australian background, because she is originally from Australia,  and now lives in the United States.  She left the design up to me, but wanted to incorporate the Australian flag and some landmarks from her native land.  After doing some major web searching, I found this fabric with every imaginable Australian landmark one could think of, and I figured it would make an awesome lining!  Isn't it just perfect?  My customer thought so, too!

Now, I needed to incorporate the flag in the bag.  Again back to the web and googling the Australian flag and looking for a pattern.  Lo and behold there is a wonderful paper pieced pattern here.

I reduced the pattern to 90% so that it would fit the pattern piece that I want to be on the bag.

Now, let me say that I have only paper pieced once before, so I found a wonderful tutorial here on Connecting Threads website.  I watched, and I figured I had it, so I started to put the sections together. But, to no avail, I failed, and failed, and failed.  Over and over and over again.  When this happens, I walk away, and this time I slept on it.

The next morning, I realized that I needed a mirror image of the printed pattern, so I traced it on my light box backwards, and (drum roll please)  I managed to get it done!!  The way it is supposed to be done! Happy dance!!

This is the view of it sewn together with the paper still attached.

Ta Da!  Here is the final result.  I am so pleased in the way it turned out!  I should have the bag done in the next day or so, and will post the final product.  Stay tuned.....

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Kimee Paradiso said...

Hi Renee! This is going to look great!! Sometimes, I am learning, that sleeping on it is a good thing! :) Had a chance to catch up a little and your blog is looking good too with your new changes. I've enlisted a niece of mine to work on a few things for mine as I'm totally at a loss when it comes to these things...Also, love your new wicker shelf, what a steal and your BOM's and UFO's are coming along nicely! :)