Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Multiple Things

I have stated in the last couple of posts that I have been busy outside doing so much needed yard and garden work.  Here are a few pictures of progress so far:

This is a little yard ornament that I fill with annuals every year, that I can also see out by picture window in my sewing room all summer:

Then this is my garden area that I had to fill up with new soil this year.  I only have early plantings at the moment, such as onions, carrots, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, peas, and a few herbs. This first picture is looking at the garden area (with the chicken house and yard in the back area) from the back patio area.

This is a close up of the boxes with the new plants or seedlings just coming up.

But I did manage to get a requested project done on my to do list, which is a cell phone case for my mother's phone.  The end result is not as perfect as I would have liked it to be, but this was made with out a pattern or instructions on how to "fit" the pieces together.  I wanted to make it like the boughten ones that have elastic on the sides that give the case a better grip.  So, I had to ponder the making of the pattern and how it would all come together, and came up with the following.  I did have a rough outline of the phone for the case, but that was all I needed in the end to get this:

Here is the front of the case:

The back view.  It has a pocket for a credit card, DL, or a stash of cash.  I also added a tab with a key ring.  I use the tab and ring on mine case to pin it to my bra, so the phone doesn't fall out when I bend over.  But, if you were carrying in a purse or pocket, you could also attache a key(s) to it for all in one case.

This is the padded sides of the case where the phone will slide in and be protected.

And finally, this is the elastic sides that will hold in the phone nice and tight.  This was the challenge of making this little case, as I really had to think how to get the elastic sewn in the seams on both front and back of the case and on each side all at once.  Turning the case was a trick, because it is so small to start with as it is for a flip phone.

It is nice to know that this old lady still has what is needed to work out a design in my head and get an end result!!


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