Thursday, October 17, 2013

Color Dilemma

Please note that this is not a plug for my shop, but just some of the background of what goes into some of the decisions I make when deciding what colors to use with the different types of prints in the fleece fabrics I have used.

One of my top sellers is the pink camo fleece from Mossy Oak.  Last night, I pulled out another piece of fleece I need to work on, and then had to decide which color pink I would be using for the crochet edging.  All of the variations would work, but this time I am going to choose the fourth one from the left.

The favorite pink I used for the first six blankets I used a skein that was in a bag of yarn I purchase from Goodwill about 2 years ago.  The yarn was purchased from the store "Ben Franklin", which was a store from many years ago, and is no longer in business.  I have been unable to find anymore of this color, not even close.  So, now having to move on, I am up at 11:00 pm deciding which color to use.

That's the dilemma.  Small one, but still a dilemma.


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