Monday, October 14, 2013

UFO Project #2

When finishing up the last UFO Project, you can see it here, I was going through my massive collection of Thimbleberries UFO projects I came across one of the first Thimbleberries Clubs I participated back in 2003.  My involvement with the Thimbleberries craze began in 1999.

This club involved a project per quarter rather than a block a month.  The first picture is the advertisement of the collection of the four quarter projects.  I have it taped on the front of a three ring binder, which holds the collection of the documents and handouts that I received throughout the year.

Let me take a moment here, and say that I am a "Type A" when organizing my projects, fabric, clubs, BOM's.  I spend as much time organizing as I do the actual time spent sewing.  With that said, I have to admit I enjoy doing the "organizing" more than the sewing and putting the projects together.  I've been know to re-organize stuff more than once, just because I find that part of it very satisfying.  I call it my therapy, but some out there who are not the crafts kind would think I might need professional help (smile).  I don't think so, as it gives me a sense of contentment!

Here is the first quarter project, called Window Box.  I have put the ad for this project and a swatch for all the fabric used in the project on a piece of paper and then into a sheet proctor, so that I can add it to the Project binder.  

I completed the first quarter club project of 2003 in 2009.  This picture does not do it justice.  It is currently hanging in my hall, right between the master bedroom and bathroom doorway.  Not a day goes by, as I walk down the hall, or going to bed in the evening, I don't take the time to look at it and to run my hand over the quilting done on the wall hanging.  Again, it keeps me content!  

Below are closeups of the three blocks used twice in this wallhanging.  It also shows how I chose to quilt each block differently.  The border quilting was done in a cross hatching pattern.

Okay, now that we have the prelude all done, here is the next UFO project I am going to work on over the new week or so.  This is the second quarter project for the 2003 Thimbleberries Club.  This will be perfect for my kitchen, as it has many things garden related, including blocks that look like canning jars.  For those who don't know me well, I can several hundred jars of food either from my own garden or from local growers.  

When I found the Club of 2003 package, I found that I had already started on this project by getting all the pieces cut out.  And of course, I took the advertisement of the project and a swatch of each fabric used in the wall hanging and attached it to a piece of paper (recycled, see the printing in the upper right hand corner?)  and had already put it in a sheet proctor, and was in the project binder.

So, now I am ready to sit down and begin sewing it up for another "contentment" piece in my home!


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