Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dress forms

It is no secret that I like and have a small collection of dress forms.  Some have been found in re-sale shops, and some are new found in various retail outlets.  I have them displayed in several places throughout my sewing room. 

Here are a few standing in my window sill, all lined up in a row.

This one is hanging on my back wall.

These two wire framed pink ones are found on top of my fabric shelves.

This one is a pretty one in a chiffon flowing dress, and it's pink!

Yesterday, we were at a factory outlet discount store and look what I found!!!  Yep, another dress form, and this one comes with it's own little matching purse.  Cute, huh?

My collection would be much bigger, but for some odd reason, dress forms in any fashion (wire, clothed, jewelry holder) are usually quite expensive.  Most of mine bought in a retail store have been on sale at at least 75% off.  The lowest price on the small ones start at around $30 and if they are over 12" high they hover around $100.

I feel fortunate enough to have the collection currently residing in my sewing room.


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