Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leftovers Design

Remember the zillion (only about 124 actually), flying geese from the UFO project I posted about yesterday?  Of course you do, I been complaining posting about them a lot, since the beginning of the project.

Here is that huge pile of triangles.  Made me think this is a lot of fabric just to leave alone or throw away as scrap.  Surely, I could do something with them.

I kept them paired up just as they were when I trimmed them away from the original UFO project, and stitched them on the long side of the triangle.  I chined stitched 248 triangles through my machine until my eyes crossed.

I put four little squares together, and formed a pattern called a pinwheel, and then sewed four pinwheels together as a start of playing around to see what I can make an end result.  I'm leaning towards using several of these somehow in a table runner????


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