Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chair Pads

Be sure to read to the bottom of the post for an update of how well they worked at the show.

 I rose to the the occasion of necessity. Let me explain. When we go to the shows my husband does, we have to sit on chairs the faucilities providies, always really hard and crappy. Most of the time they are the cold, metal banquet type chairs. And, since we are not busy a lot ot the time, we end up sitting on the cold, hard, crappy seats. And after two days of torture, I said enough is enough! My first thought was to take a couple of old chair pads (as seen in the first picture) Yuck! Just picture it, walking into the show places, setting up the tables, and plunking down kitchen chicken pads! I can just hear the snickers, and snide comments. After all, these shows are like being a man cave.

After thinking about it Thursday night, I dug out some camouflage fabric, a couple of zippers and webbing. I put the zippers in first, then added the webbing (for handles to carry them), and then stitched up the three sides. TaDa!
Update: the chair pads were wonderful, my backside didn't feel like it had been ironed to my frontside. And, as an unplanned bonus the carry handles hooked over the back of the chair, holding them in place, and kept them from falling off. Oh, and I didn't hear any snickers and snide comments! Tee Hee Hee!


Connie said...

Wonderful cushions and I used to do shows and know how uncomfortable the chairs can be. Thanks for sharing.
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sulrossgrad said...

Ingenious...better for the backside!