Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Woke Up This Morning.....

WARNING, this is a lenghty post! I woke up this morning with this on my mind:
And I wanted to go straight to here:
But I had these things to do first:

Laundry. There is always laundry to be done since I first had children. I am greatful, that the amout of laundry is less now that the boys are out on there own. I even have those nice front loading units on pedestals, which is supposedly to help in doing the laundry. Not. Laundry is laundry, no matter how it is done, and it is a neverending chore. One is never done with laundry, as there is always the clothes you wear the day while you're doing all the other laundry.

While the washer was working it's cycles on the first load, I had this chore to do.  The chore of ironing.  Yep, I iron. Most people can't believe that I am still ironing.  Mostly it is the button up shirts for my husbandAnd once in a while a shirt or blouse of mine.  I feel, and this is just the way I believe, that how the family looks out in public is a direct reflection on the woman of the household.  So I iron! What can I say?
Ok, so we are about three hours into my day, I see there are more tomatoes ripe out in the garden. So I trek out there and pick a large bowlful.  Then I remembered I had about this much more in the fridge from a picking earlier this week.  

So, I cut them in half (throwing in some yellow pear tomatoes), into a big stew pot to cook down into sauce.
I pureed the pot of tomatoes, and decided to make this batch into enchalida sauce. I let it cook down with all the other ingredients for about three hours, and the pressure canned it.
And here is the final result, 4 quarts, and 1 pint. Hardly seems worth the canning of such a small batch,
I am not sure how well you can see in the picture above, but I used the "Tattler" reusable lids. This is my first time using them, and I really like the way they work. They seem a little pricey initially, but I think they will be worth it over the years. I went to put three boxes of regular lids in my cart, and then I saw the "Tattler" lids. The cost of the three boxes of regular lids equals one box of "Tattler" lids. So in reality, I will recoup the initial cost after three times of use, and then after that it is like free money! You can go here to find out more about these lids.
I did manage to get some sewing in late in the afternoon and evening, but I will save that post for tomorrow, as this one went on forever. Kinda like my day felt today. canning season does that to anyone who cans.

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