Monday, September 24, 2012

Ever Had a Bad Sewing Day?

Well last week, I had such a day. I was making a pair earbud holders for my Dad and his friend. My mom thought they would be nice for the two of them have when going to the gym so they could keep better track of their earbuds.

 Let me preface to say, this is not the first time I have made this little pouch, try 4 times already, and I have already sold 2 on my Etsy shop! I made the first one, good to go, making it my 5th one made. Then came THIS one. I made it and believe it or not it looked worse than what's pictured, so I took it apart and tried it again. Better, but still awful! My rule is to only rip out something once, after that and it still looks bad or funky, into the trash it goes. I figure I have too much fabric and too little time to get all worked up about projects that go wrong.

 So I got up from the machine, cut out another one, and sewed it up just fine! Except, I mailed it off before I got a picture of it and the other one, as they turned out perfect pretty good. At least my Dad and his friend thinks so!

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