Saturday, September 29, 2012

Older Days

I picked up a bundled package of several packs of bias tape, tiny ricrac, seam tape, and iron on hem tape at Goodwill yesterday.  I really bought the package for the all the packs of tiny rickrack.  Also in this package was some loose, opened packages of biased tape.  I'm in my early fifties, and I don't remember getting Wright's bias tape for this price of .10 cents.  It does look like something my Grandma used to have in her sewing box.

Whenever, I see these old things, it always reminds me of the times when we would spend time sewing.  She was the one that gave me such a solid foundation in my faith, life skills, lots of love and of course sewing skills.

Isn't this nice, the even included a pattern on the back of the label. You don't find that kind of thing anymore!

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