Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hexagon Table Topper

Today, I finished the table topper I posted about yesterday.

It measures about 21" across.  I did a simple stipple quilting all over the topper because this time I used a thin scrap piece of cotton batting.

Here is a close up of a corner.  The next one I make I will be sure not to stretch the strips as I sew.  The 1 1/2" strips are a thin width, and stretch easier than the 2 1/2" strips I am used to working with.

Here is a picture, showing the nice yellow backing I used.

I think the next one will be a fall one, then a Christmas one, and then maybe a patriotic one.

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Kimee Paradiso said...

This turned out lovely! I'm thinkin I may have to give this a try and make a Christmas one for sure! :) Just found the pattern on the website you mentioned in your last post, thanks for sharing!