Monday, August 26, 2013

Wicker Shelf

Funny story about my newly acquired wicker shelf.  I so like wicker!  But really good, solid, sturdy wicker is expensive.  So any way onto the story.

My husband and I went to the big city of Portland to find some store fixtures for his new gun shop he is opening.  We ventured into a back area of a big warehouse where the used  fixtures were located and while hubby looked at counters, I ventured over to the clearance corner and there it was, just waiting for me to come.  It came from some kind of retail environment, so it was made to have heavy things setting on it.  The unit is  wicker wrapped around metal tubing, even the shelves are sturdy metal tubing.  The only thing that was out of whack, was one of the leg bottoms was missing a rubber cap.  The very best thing about this shelf was, drum roll please,  $10 price tag!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!  I was stoked!   Something like this, for a retail setting would run a couple of hundred dollars.

Brought it home, put all new rubber caps on the legs, blew out the dust, found the perfect place for it in the sewing room, and loaded it up.  Yep, this is the new spot for my WIPs, right by my sewing machine.  Just now all neatly stacked and not spilling over on my workspace.  Did I say I'm stoked?

Yipee skippy!

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