Monday, August 12, 2013

Land of Lincoln Sampler

Remember I like BOM's?  Well here is another one from 2011.  I am a big fan of traditional quilting and reproduction prints.  We have a semi-local quilt shop that I adore, but when I say semi-local, Something To Crow About is 70 miles from my house.  I adore this shop because they have awesome  reproduction civil war and 30's prints, a whole section of wools, and lots of BOM's.  I have participated in two of their programs, and manage to visit the shop about three times a year!  This is one of the two BOM's that I never got started on until this week. It is called Land of Lincoln Sampler and has thirteen pieced blocks and twelve rail alternating blocks.

Here is block one, called Illinois.

Block two called Lawyer's Puzzle

Block three called Presidential Armchair

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