Friday, August 16, 2013

Putting it Together

Remember when I posted forever about the 110 blocks I made for the Farmer's Wife Quilt A Long that I was participating in? Well all 41 posts can be found  here, if you want to get an idea of the whole block making portion of this thing.

I had already purchased the fabric for the sashings and the setting triangles when I finished all the blocks, so this afternoon, I took all the blocks and fabric out and set out to get  all of the pieces cut out.  A. Lot. of. Pieces.  I mean a lot, really.  Here let me show you...

See all the tan areas of triangles and little cornerstone settings, and all the brown sashing around every block?  Are you beginning to get an idea of just how many pieces there are?

Here is the fabric I chose for the sashing and the setting triangles.  The dark brown is from Andover's  by Jo Morton's 2011 line,  and the light is from Moda's  Primitive Muslin line pattern 1040.  

Upon reading through the finishing directions I needed the following:

110 Cornerstones
4 Corner Triangles
32 Large Setting Triangles
24 Small Setting Triangles
252 Sashings

Final product of the pieces cut out, and the pile of blocks, for a grand total of 518 pieces to put together.  This might take awhile.    

And just think, I will have to do this all over again for the other color way, Moda's Breath of Avignon. 


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