Saturday, March 29, 2014

Little Wren

I like Wrens.  Mostly because that is how my name is pronounced, although that is not how it is spelled.

That is why I call my blog Wren's Nest, and have a small collection of little birds all around my sewing room and kitchen.  I say little birds, because true wrens are boring little brown birds.  So, and little bird that even comes close to a wren bird can be added to my collection.

I was on a long arduous trip with hubby, doing a trade show, in a very small town (that if you blinked you might miss it), and we came across this little treasure in the town's independent grocery store.  Go figure!  This is the latest one to be added to my collection, and so far I think she is my favorite.  She has on pink (my favorite color), she is shy (I am not shy, but an introvert), and she has such a cute look on her face, almost innocent looking.

Anyway, here is my latest Wren:


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