Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scrap Therapy

I am not sure where I found out about this book, but I knew I had to get me a copy.  It is called "Cut the Scraps" by Joan Ford.

This is one of many bags of scraps that I have collected over the years, and I have always said to myself i would get something done with them, organize them, or sort them, or, or, or....

Scrap Therapy is a company that Joan Ford developed out of necessity herself, much like mine. She teaches her techniques at guilds, LQS, and national venues. She outlines the scrap therapy technique in seven steps, and gives you detailed instructions with nice pictures, and hint boxes here and there through out the book. Then on top of the instructions, she has 20 patterns using scraps.

Collecting scraps over the years becomes a heavy yoke of guilt. Frugality causes me to hoard them, because I know I could do something with them eventually. But scrap quilting is a little daunting, even to the most experienced quilters, and there are all kinds of opinions out in the quilt world about size of pieces to keep and what sizes to cut the pieces into. Because of that I just kept ignoring my scraps, throwing them into bag after bag. In her book, she cuts pieces into three different sizes, and explains the math behind the choice of these three sizes. All of the patterns in her books (she has more Scrap Therapy books available) use these three sizes. I picked up my sorting scrap baskets at the dollar store, and have started the process of organizing my scrap madness. I can already feel the yoke of guilt lifting!!!


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