Saturday, March 15, 2014

Progress and a new UFO BOM

I had another nice day to work outside and tackle another project.  This is our brick planter, built up against the front of our house and is what people see when they walk up to our front door. This past year, it had become the cat's potty box, and the soil had turned into a fine powder. So, I dug out all the yucky dirt, filled it with new soil, re-planted my miniature roses and then put down a thick layer of bark dust. Now I am not embarrassed when someone comes to my front door.

Next, the baby chicks are now three weeks old. Today, we opened up their area where we are brooding them as they needed more room.

I promised a couple of posts ago, that I was going to pick a new UFO BOM to work on and it would be a brighter one.  Don't be deceived by the fabrics shown on the cover of this BOM pattern because the fabrics are small prints from the 30's and 40's.

This BOM is called Country Gatherings, and is in a booklet form, rather than receiving a pattern with each block each month.  The BOM was featured through Homestead Hearth back in 2007.  Homestead Hearth has about 20 to 30 BOM's going at any given time.  Click here to see the 40 plus programs they have going on right now.   What is especially nice about the BOM, is that it has six different finishing directions you can do with the blocks to complete the quilt.  I'll share more when I get to the end of completing the blocks.

Here is block one.  There was a glitch with this first block because Homestead Hearth wanted to get the first month's block kits cut out before receiving the booklet, so they did the pattern themselves and the measurements don't come out to the pattern in the booklet.   So, I was frustrated and packed up the block and when the booklet came, I packed it too and all the other blocks that came each month.  So, when I pulled it out again tonight, I redid the block following the booklet pattern, using some of my own stash to complete the block.  I had already cut the fabric based on the erroneous pattern, so I had to work in some of my own fabric.  I really like how it turned out, and am looking forward to completing the future blocks.  Please note that I have done about 4 BOM's with Homestead Hearth, and they have always done a great job.  This was a small glitch that I addressed  with no problems.


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