Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Status Update

Just stopping in to say I am still here, just working on other things besides quilting and sewing.  The first project I am working on is gardening.  It is turning out so nice this Spring here in the Pacific Northwest.  Most of the time Spring brings weeks of rain, and it makes it difficult to get out and do the gardening I want to get done.  This week, we have gotten a break in the rain, so I have been busy on my first project, which is to dig out the grass that totally invaded my front garden bed.  If you know anything about roses, grass is bad for them, very bad.  My roses are heirloom roses from original root stock, not grafted stock.  So, I really needed to get the grass out of the bed.  If you look close you can see where the better grass is and where it has creeped into my curved rose bed.

This is my first section I got done last week for a short period of no rain, about 2 hours one morning.

My biggest issue became after I started digging up the grass, was where to put it, this little section filled up our yard debris container and then I would need to wait another week to fill it up again after collection.  So, I have another bed, that I will have to work on at a later date, so I filled up a garden cart, and hauled it over to this bed and unloaded it there, and hopefully hubby will rent a bucket tractor and haul it all off at once. (Update, hubby will be getting a tractor to haul off all the dirt!).

Today was just beautiful, and much progress was made, and plowing ahead I was able to complete this rose bed.   I am sore and will probably not be able to move tomorrow, but I am hoping to transplant my roses in the holding bed, and get the bark spread tomorrow, because rain is expected Friday!

And, this is not all that I have taking up my time,  I am brooding 24 Rhode Island Red baby chicks!  I got a mixed run this year, as I want to keep a rooster and about 6-8 hens.  The rest will go into the freezer in about 6 weeks.  

Finally, last night I did sort through some of my UFO BOM's and decided on one to work on, Birdie Stitches by Little Miss Shabby using Moda's Sunkissed line of 2011.  I did the embroidery blocks back in 2011 to 2012, and then put it aside and did not finish putting it together to complete the top.  Last night I did get the sashing cut out and pieced all the blocks together.  I have a border to add (hopefully tonight) and I will have another UFO BOM to cross off my list.

This is just a peek, I will have better pictures to post tomorrow if I can get to the borders tonight.  And, with it suppose to be sunny tomorrow I can get a full picture outside!