Thursday, December 4, 2014

Colors and Fabrics for Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

I received a nice commet asking me what other colors was I going to be using in this Mystery Quilt, so I thiught I woule give you a gander.

Bonnie Hunter, the leader of all this fun, posted the colors she was going to use as part of the introduction to this years mystery quilt.  You can read all about how and why she chose her colors here at her introduction post.  For the next month, there was fevor of the likes I have never seen before of participants scrambling to obtain the exact colors that Bonnie posted in her introduction.  Bonnie posted paint chip cards from Lowes (Valspar Paint chips to be exact) and then pulled fabrics from her scrap basket of varying types of prints along the spectrum of these chip cards.  Women were posting on Facebook almost every hour about either obtaining the chips or  being upset about not having a Lowes or Valspar paint chips available to them.  It went so far that those who had the chip cards were getting extras and sending sets all over the country and even across the continents so that everyone who wanted and felt they needed them could have a set.

I read whole fervor as it unfolded on Facebook trying to decide whether or not I wanted to participate in this frenzy or not.  Since we are always at Lowes for one reason or another, (remember the greenhouse?) just for kicks, I picked up the set of paint chip cards.  Once I had pulled one of each and took a good look at them I said "yuck" to myself.  I don't mean to rain on these participants parade, but I am just not a fan of the modern bright colors for my quilts.

I picked up these cards about a week before the first clue was to be posted, and keep telling myself that I didn't want to do this Mystery Quilt, because 1.  I don't have these colors in my stash, and 2.  I certainly wasn't go to buy any new fabric, and 3.  I wasn't sure about doing another mystery quilt, only to have it go down the drain like I had so many times before doing this type of quilt.

But then, I saw a post about last years mystery quilt by Bonnie, called Celtic Soltace. Saw just how beautiful they were, and came across a participant who had done one using a different color way, specifically Thimbleberries.  So, the day before the first clue was to come out, and 30 days later after the introduction of Bonnie's colors came out, I went to my Thimbleberries stash, and came up with more than enough to do this year's Mystery Quilt.

My green is her turuqoise, my red is her pink, my gold is her yellow, my blue is her green.  And of course I am using black and neutrals along with the way Bonnie is using hers.  The darker brown in the upper left hand corner is a 108"wide backing fabric print that I will use for my backing when the quilt top is done.

I realize I should have posted about the color selection first before doing the first clue, but better late than never.  Thank you for the reader who asked the question of what other colors will I be using.


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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Bonnie's quilts are a great undertaking, but fun! Enjoy.