Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Remember Those In Need This Christmas

My son called in somewhat of a panic, asking if I had any blankets that I could donate to a cause that his work was doing for the homeless this Christmas Season.  He lives in Portland, which is the "hot spot" for teenage runaways.  Many reasons for this, first the weather is milder than a lot of big cities, and our social outreach surpasses all other cities.

I said that the only blankets I had were baby sized, and would they be taking those for donations.  He checked, and of course they would!

For many years, I work up baby blanket done in fleece with a crocheted edging.  I first began making these type blankets through Project Linus, making and donating several hundred over the years.  I buy fleece when on sale (usually this time of the year) and got my scrap pieces of yarn at Goodwill.  Each blanket costs about $2.00 to make plus about an hour of my time.  I keep several in the car to work on, because I can get one done on a trip to Portland and back.  Then I moved on to giving more local such as  our police and sheriff departments (they have them in the trunk of their units so if they come upon a baby in any bad situation, they have something new and clean to wrap them in)  and I have to an intake center for abused babies and children (same thing, the staff has something soft and clean to give comfort to these little ones).

I always keep about 10 on hand for occasions like this that come up over the course of giving and holidays.  Here are a couple of the seven I sent with him,  for his office's charity event.

We always need to remember the poor and this is just a small part that I can do with my talents.  


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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a wonderful thing to share for donations an Christmas