Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Custom Ordered PJ's

Before I got into quilting, I was a seamstress, sewing for a meager living when I was raising my children.  I mostly did alterations, but would get an occasional wedding party bridesmaids dresses, or the rodeo riders show outfits, including colored leather chaps.  I quit because, I went to a job outside of the home once the children were in full-time school.

There for awhile, people didn't seek out custom made items, especially clothing, but I have seen a resurgence of that market.  This is a perfect example of that resurgence.  

A great-grandmother, who cannot sew any longer, wanted her great-grandson to have a couple of special hand made PJ's.  This customer is the mother of another customer that I have been doing custom work for, and was asked if I would do this project for them.  

Here is the first set done and ready to ship.  The neckline is done with knit ribbing, and the body of the PJ's is flannel.

A big apology for the lighting of the pictures, the day was heavy overcast, and the room lighting wasn't working for me.

The other pair will be red flannel, with the blue trim neck, and I should have them done today at the latest tomorrow, making them ready for shipping.


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