Friday, January 2, 2015


As you know, if you have read my last couple of posts, I have been cleaning up my sewing room, and I posted about finding some kits on a bottom shelf that were in different stages of progress.  Some were brand new, not started yet, some were in progress, and some were completed quilt tops.

This discovery is from 2007, from a online round robin kind of party, called Patchwork Party Spring 2007 (you can see the Patchwork Party Fall 2014 here).  I participated in a couple of these parties, and this one that I discovered uses one of my favorite lines of fabric, Sanctuary by 3 Sisters from Moda.

 This is one of the seven blocks I have completed.  The fabric line is full of roses in so many color ways, and has a romance cottage feel to it.  I just love this line.

The bagged material is the finishing kit that will encompass the 12 blocks, and the pink tone on tone fabric is the matching backing fabric from this line that is 108" wide.  

Patchwork Party gives you twelve options in finishing the quilt, and the twelve shops that participate in selling the 12 blocks also sell their own design in the finishing of the quilt.  The finishing kit I chose to use in finishing my blocks includes 6 additional appliquéd flower blocks.

And then to further finish this quilt, it uses one of my favorite patterns, log cabin.  I tried to find a colored picture of the finished quilt, but no avail.  So you will have to look at the black and white pattern that I have for reference in my finishing kit.  If you enlarge it, you can see where the patchwork blocks are placed, where the appliquéd blocks are placed and where the log cabin blocks will be placed. 

The kits that I purchased, all the pieces of each block were cut using Marti Mitchell templates sets.  I purchased all of them, and I will say, if you take the time to cut your pieces using her templates, the block sews together like a dream.   It does take longer initially in cutting out the pieces, but the end result is so perfect!  Now the block kits have pre-cut laser pieces, and all you have to is sew them when your receive them in the mail.  I can't afford to participate anymore, but I have a couple that I can finish and say that at some point I did get to participate.

I will post all the blocks as soon as I have finished the last five blocks.

This is what keeps me from getting so bored, I do several projects at once.  This year will be a year of finishing what I have started, and putting closure on the past!


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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

The treasures we find hidden safely in our sewing room. That's really pretty.