Monday, February 10, 2014

Land of Lincoln Sampler Block 9

I returned home mid-afternoon, Saturday, took a day of rest, and then hit the ground running today.  You see, I visit my parents who are in New Mexico.  While I am there, I always purchase large amounts of frozen red and green chili, and then stuff it all in a seprate suitcase and bring it home.  This time was no exception.  I brought back 45 pounds of green chili, and 50 pounds of red chili.  So today, I had to begin putting it "up" (which means getting it canned), so we can use it over the next couple of years.

Today, I woke up and started the long day processing/canning the some of the green chili into a sauce with cubed pork.  Each batch (6 quarts or  12 pints) takes about 3 hours to process .  I did 4 batches today, and  the next two days I will be busy finishing up the remainder of chili.

I did this block this evening, while the final batch was cooking in the pressure cooker, I stitched up Block 9 of the UFO BOM, Land of Lincoln.  This block is called "Yankee Puzzle".  Fortuntally, I had the block cut out before leaving town, so I was able to just sit down at the machine and just start sewing.  This block is super easy, using just half square triangles, and flying geese units.  Placement of the units and the placement of the fabric, makes the block look like a pinwheel.


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