Friday, February 7, 2014

More Antique Quilts

Yesterday, I spoke about the wonderful antique quilts found in the Oncologist's waiting room.  After we were called back to the patient rooms,  we were genuinely surprised again with more quilts.

This was hanging on the wall in the area where the patients get weighed.  It is all done is silk squares.  As we all know, silk from back then did not hold up well through the years.  This one was not exception.  There is more shredding of the material at the top blocks than the ones at the bottom of the quilt.  All in all, it is still a fabulous piece using silk for the material.

This just lovely log cabin quilt was hanging over a love seat in the second waiting room (one for patients getting chemo.  If you look real hard there are some bed runners draped over the chairs opposite side of the love seat also done in the log cabin blocks and the same materials.  I think it is a complete set for a double bed.

This is a close up of one of the blocks in the above quilt.

The final surprise came when we were seated in the patient room.  The fabric looks like it came from the 30's.  At least the green borders look to be from that time era.  I not sure what the pattern is for the blocks, but it wouldn't be too hard to reproduce, if one would want to try this quilt.

Tis is a close up of the block used in this quilt.  

All of these quilts were hand stitched and hand quilted, making them more meaningful.  And, I still think these quilts are at home in this office, bringing comfort to those having to come for treatment.


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