Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nice Doctor's Waiting Room

While visiting my folks these last two weeks, I had an opportunity go on a visit with them to see a doctor.  Let me tell you it was such a pleasant surprise to see the decor in this waiting room.  There were old, antique quilts everywhere.

These are not the best picture, but I wanted to show how they were hanging on the walls in the waiting room.  As you can see the ceilings are very high with windows way up high letting in the perfect light.

Here are the close ups of both quilts respectively, and it looks like the first one is a friendship quilt, where individuals made a block and stitched their names in the center, then bordered it with half square triangle blocks.  

The second one, each block is embroidered with each of the states flower and the name of the state below the flowers.  And, it looks like each block is bordered by flying geese blocks.

 This nice, scalloped quilt didn't appear to be as old, but it was all hand stitched and hand quilted.  This was one of my favorites in the waiting room.

This quilt was also hand stitched and hand tied.  It consisted of different kind of wools.  The backing was just a plain white muslin.

This piece was odd to me, as the dresden plate block was padded and sewn on a strip of fabric.  

Here is one on the back of another waiting room sofa.  It was just a hodge lodge of pieces sewn together, with not particular pattern.

I asked the receptionist about the quilts in the waiting room and she told me that the doctor's family had collected them over the years, and decided to display them in the office so they could enjoy them daily and share them with the patients.

This is a Oncologist, a cancer doctor, so I think the quilts bring great comfort to those going through this painful and heartbreaking times.

More tomorrow...


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